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What is wrong with people?

on May 4, 2012

So more recently in school some idiot guys/boys have been pooping in the sink. What the heck? Who does that? It’s kind of funny to have a whole class discussion on why someone would do that! My English teacher is awesome. She put on the board today what we can and can’t do. What we can’t do is poop on the floor. Thank you for clarifying that : )


Some idiot people have ruined being able to go to the store to buy certain kinds of glue. I have an art project I am doing at home for fun and needed glue that would hold really strong and couldn’t get it because I’m not 18 yet. You have to be 18 to buy glue. Like 18 years old are more mature and won’t sniff glue. Who in the world sniffs glue to get high?


Idiot 1: I’m bored

Idiot 2: Yeah me to, lets go get glue to get high!

Idiot 1: Yeah! Instead of doing something productive with our lives lets go get high with glue so TearLily can’t buy glue from the store for an art project in the future!





P.S. I have a pic of the board from today when my teacher wrote no pooping on the floor but it won’t download on facebook yet so I will maybe hopefully later put it up here.


2 responses to “What is wrong with people?

  1. That is crazy. Also that Sudafed is hard to buy where I live due to Meth addict! Great Post!

    • TearLily says:

      haha! It is. people can be such idiots. and wow meth just ruins people! If your going to be a druggie do something less damaging. or just dont do it. I really don’t care what people do to themselves but when it effects my buying glue from the store, then its personal.

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