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Most addicting games ever!

on May 2, 2012

For me right now the most addicting games out there would be these two dating like sim games. It’s so super cute! They are Japanese based originally I believe but they translated it to English. The first one I tried can get annoying because well you can only move so much at a time before you have to wait the next day to do something! It’s called mycandylove.com. The other game I tried was something someone suggested to me on the mycandylove. It’s called Star project. The site is super complicated though! starproject.galaxygames.com . Its a super fun game! You can do a lot more and it’s just adorable! They are in the process of translating more stars into English and such. So cool!

Are there any addicting games to anybody else right now?


Star Project is about you being a female manager who owns a run down star management company. She is being threatened by some thugs about paying debts for the building when this adorable guy Touya comes to rescue her! He becomes her new star to try to pay back debts and you try to date him while also getting him super popular and such! You go on dates at different places all over the big cities in Japan. The picture comes later in one of the movies and I just love it!

MyCandyLove is about you going to a new school and city. You actually get to shop and dress your avatar/character as you want. There are different guys at the school that you can try to win over. There are different episodes and objectives you have to complete. You can redo episodes to change it to how you like.



So as you can see, lots of drama in each but its way more fun drama then in real life. : D


6 responses to “Most addicting games ever!

  1. Yes, Monopoly Streets on XBOX360 is super addicting, so is Checkers on my iPhone and the WordPress.com app on my iPhone is very addicting. My husband loves World War on the iPhone. Great Post!!

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