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Did you know that…

on May 2, 2012

Okay health science nerd moment…


Did you know that if you drink room temperature water your body will absorb it better then ice cold water? Apparently your organs don’t like absorbing cold things as much.


Now you know!


(I always laughed at these parts on the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” videos I had to watch for Science. Did you know that…Now you know!)


Which remind me, I tried donating blood for the second time this school year (they have set up blood bus donating days at our school like every 8 weeks and you make an appointment and go and miss class to donate blood) and in the end I couldn’t donate again. I was completely healthy and good in my Iron levels (they prick your finger and of course it has to be your middle finger and it hurts like a muffinfudger!) and my weight is higher then 102 this school year (whoot whoot! I have been having weight issues with it being to low although the doctors said it was fine it made me feel kind of weakish. I do not have anorexia! I eat a lot but I was under a lot of stress at some points and lost weight.) and the only problem was that my blood rate/pulse/pressure was too high! The first time I went to get it checked it was like 103 at first and it has to be 100 or lower. I got it checked 10 minutes later and it was 106. I was really nervous though. This past time I checked it it was 107 and then went down to 104. Next time hopefully it will be 100 or lower but I might just have a highish pulse. I’m really small though (height it 5’1 and 3/4 of an inch.) so I wouldn’t think my body would have to pump blood that often. haha! Next time though I will ask them to check my pressure before pricking my finger! That hurts.




4 responses to “Did you know that…

  1. Yes, I always drink room temperature water! Did you know it is good to drink a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar each day? It cleanses the system. Great Post!

    • TearLily says:

      That would make sense with the apple vinegar because I heard it’s good for you but would you take it plain? doesn’t sound appetizing… Thank you!

  2. Did you drink a lot of caffeine when they took your pulse? Actually, did you know that if you know a person is taking your pulse, your pulse actually goes up? It’s a proven fact.

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