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That awkward moment when…

on April 29, 2012

Anybody having awkward moments a lot lately?

That awkward moment when everything in your life feels like a meme. (This is what is happening to me all the time now! Especially during school because they now have high school memes for your school! The site is hsmemes.com)

That awkward moment when you have say goodbye to someone to find out that they are walking your direction too. (epic fail)

That awkward moment when think your hair and makeup look super model great and you look in a mirror and are completely a wreck. (why didn’t anyone tell me?)

That awkward moment when you accidently answer a phone call you didn’t want to because you were texting.

That awkward moment when your watching Mists of Avalon to see the different perspectives of Arthur’s legend and Arthur asks his wife/queen to have a *ahem* threesome with his best friend and him. (This seriously happened in English Friday! What the heck?!)

That awkward moment when your best friend tries to make you jealous by saying he is going to ask a girl out but your not jealous and don’t know what to say.

That awkward moment when your watching anime and forgot the time and your dad is like 10 minutes from home and you haven’t done anything he asked you to do…

That awkward moment when people online that you have never met try to flirt with you and your like dude what if your like 50 years older then me and have a uni-brow (not that that’s bad or anything) and you play Pokemon all day (I love Pokemon but somebody who plays it all day and is like past the age of 40?).

That awkward moment when you tell them that your wondering if they are 50 years older and have a uni-brow and play Pokemon all day…Would I do that? what do you think? ; )

That awkward moment when your friend tells you she has a crush on a guy that you’ve had a crush on for over a year. (It’s okay he is graduating this year anyway…)

That awkward moment when your singing and being all divaish and someone random person appears.

Sorry if this wasn’t funny whatsoever…I promise I will do better!



2 responses to “That awkward moment when…

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    Or that awkward moment when you realize your zipper is down or your underwear is showing when you bend over? LoL!! Great Post!

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