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The “Stereotype Carnival” went well today

on April 25, 2012

So today was the Teacher Appreciation thing and it actually turned out well. It was after school for about an hour. It went by super quick and wasn’t too bad. I worked a booth with this other girl Katie and we were China. But of course we had like Origami which is from Japan! The booths were all pretty stereotypical and my club that set it up is suppose to be super smart people with 3.5 or higher gpa’s!


The girl that was working the booth was super nice. I never met her until yesterday and she was so good with people when they came by. I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been having a harder time speaking without like a lisp or something and its so super annoying. I think it could be because I’m so tired all the time?


Any way, It was nice and this teacher stayed at our booth a lot making origami and he made me a swan and Katie a dollar t-shirt! He was so super nice. He was like a kid himself. It’s hard to believe he is seriously a science teacher. He calls everyone chicken and was running aorund with my friend Ben, who was working the Russian booth by himself, hitting each other with a nerf guns. Of course they would put China and Russia next to each other because they’re communists countries? Overall it went well but I think I need to work on my social skills because I felt so embarrassed most of it for some reason. It was like a serious effort to be happy and or look it.


Before that though my day was pretty good. Worked on some medical terminology in Health Science. Was forced to help the office with inventory with my friend Elizabeth. It was super boring. It was all First Seargent’s fault! He has us for the next three days in ROTC because our instructor for the upperclassman, Commander, and most of the students are away on a field trip to Parris Island for three days. I got to watch some movies about King Arthur and hear a history lecture.


That was my day in a nutshell. How was your day?




2 responses to “The “Stereotype Carnival” went well today

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    1. Never start a sentence with “So.”
    2. Never start a sentence with “Anyway.”
    3. Use proofreader and spell check.
    4. Proofread post.

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