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Pure Disappointment

on April 23, 2012

Today at ROTC I was so disappointed. We got told who are going to be our officers/staff people for next school year. This should be a time where I should be absolutely supportive in my battalion and be selfless and congratulate the new coming officers but please! Are you kidding me?? Perhaps I am just being too selfish or something but it was a load of crap today. Our Commander started by asking us how we think they pick the staff and I’m pretty sure everyone’s little head was thinking the same freaking thought.

You Pick Favorites.

Favorites are the only ones who get anywhere in here.

Oh No of course Commander didn’t say that and I honestly believe he doesn’t realize that he picks people purely by favorites. He says he can’t choose the people himself and that it’s the staff this year that pick them but that’s a bunch of malarkey.

I bet my head was just fuming steam. I don’t really want to be an officer but yet I do. I don’t think it would be fair for me to be an officer because I haven’t put much effort into it this year but mind you it is mostly because of all the anger I have built up this year for our ROTC. Commander was telling me to do a drill team in the beginning of the year because he couldn’t make me staff if I didn’t at least try at the drill teams. I tried and the only one I really like is Unarmed Exhibition which is an only girls team at our school (other ROTC’s have co-ed teams). But the girl who is the C.O. (aka Commanding officer) is a complete B to the freaking itch. I started this team last school year and I was slow at learning it but this school year I got it down and I was good because my friend Pretema helped me because she is an amazing teacher! The C.O. was so super rude to me and treated me like I couldn’t do crap. I went to a couple practices but just stopped going.

I tried another team, Armed Exhibition. Its basically just marching but with a rifle in your hand. It wasn’t too bad but then the C.O. for that team is also a girl and she is just awful. She was picked by favorites. Oh yeah so was the other chick from the other team. Almost all the girls in ROTC who are officers were picked by favorites and aren’t even that great at teaching or anything.

I went to a competition this school year because I can run fast. I had to do P.I. (aka Personnel Inspection). It’s being inspected in uniform and your get your uniform checked and get asked general knowledge questions. It’s absolutely nerve wracking. I also ran the 11 yard dash and 200 yard dash. It was a team event so passed a baton type thing.

Later on the school year I got asked to go to another one and I said I couldn’t go because I thought it wasn’t fun because most of the people who went had huge attitudes. I never got asked to go to another one. But then later this whole creepy fiasco happened with commander in front of the whole company. I had talked about it before but just to clue anyone who wasn’t reading my blog like ages ago (like a month ago) We had to wear uniforms near December time and it was cold so everyone had to wear their uniform jacket and he had me go in front of the whole company and he demonstrated the tucking the jacket correctly on me. He tucked me in from behind me. It was very inappropriate and I told an officer about it who was in my company but was absent. Him and the C.O. who is a girl who was picked by favorites went to an administrator and told them and a bunch of girls and I got pulled out of class (during ROTC!) and had to write statements up for what happened. He got investigated and ever since then he has been strange towards me. I didn’t go to an administrator. His officers went.

So any who, I just feel like I would’ve been an officer if the whole tucking in jacket hadn’t have happened. I wouldn’t mind not being an officer if the officers for next year weren’t such awful people. Not saying they are terrible people inside but they’ve got attitude and don’t deserve what they have. Some of them are people I consider friends but I still don’t feel like they should be officers just because they are my friend. I wish they would let us vote. I wouldn’t vote on favorites. I would vote for who deserves it and can do the job right.

Truly Disappointed and wanting to quit but yet torn about quitting and wanting the full credit of ROTC on highschool transcripts but doesn’t know if she can deal with the constant anger and disappointment,



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