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I just love it when…

on April 22, 2012

(This is going to be a sarcastic post. Sorry to those who don’t like sarcasm. I’m not using mad or angry sarcasm but more of an I-Can’t-Believe-you-just-did-that-sarcasm. )

I just love it when…

Your watching a movie *ahem: Season of the Witch* and all of a sudden one guy says “we’re going to need more holy water” and another guy says ” I found some more holy water” and it’s just three little bottles of holy water and then you sit there for the rest of the movie going I can’t believe you 1) didn’t have like jugs of holy water and 2)didn’t even use the three little bottles of holy water when demons are attacking you!! WTFudgecakes??

When your watching anime *ahem:Soul eater* and an epic battle is going on and everyone but one girl is presumably dead or unconscious and can’t help that one girl, and then they just all get up smiling!? Anime…shesh anything can happen.

Your walking through an aisle at Wal-mart for gatorade and can’t find it and oh yeah you have some creepy dude staring at you like your some kind of freak. Honey I ain’t the freak here. Your the one staring at me like a zombie! I was thoroughly creeped out by this!

I’m taking a test and it’s extremely silent because everyone is concentrating when all of a sudden you move slightly and your back cracks and you have that OMG I hope no one noticed look on your face… does that only happens to me?

You spend hours on youtube for some unknown reason.

Your watching anime or youtube videos and think gee I don’t even have to be high to feel high. I just have to watch this nonsensical video five times in a row. (In the anime Deathnote around the ending episodes when Light gets his memories back its like your on crack watching anime because of the colors and how quick and confusing it is…Or on youtube just watch “I like trains song” by tomska…Never be the same again)

When you type out a super long text because you don’t want the person to be upset and so you want to explain and they text back “ok”. (This happened today and I almost threw my phone into the lake in my backyard -_- I wasn’t even outside so this would have meant I was angry enough to not be lazy on a Saturday and run outside and put effort into throwing. That’s pretty goshdarn angry.)

You ask a question on yahoo answers and people leave stupid remarks. If you don’t have an answer for me then don’t be making reward point things on my freaking question! *Dalena Smash!!*

So Basically I feel like going all she-hulk a lot but don’t worry folks the world is still safe. Just stay out of Florida for a while till I chill out some more. People are just… frustrating. This includes people who write movies and anime haha but those are at least entertaining!


Does anybody have a “I just love it when…” thing to add?



8 responses to “I just love it when…

  1. Hellosailor says:

    I LOVE sarcasm (and that isn’t being sarcastic, I really do love it). They say it’s the lowest form of wit, but it is my favourite 🙂 I enjoyed reading this.
    And when people do the “OK” text thing, or just “K”, I really do want to throw my phone out of the window. I mean, seriously?? What a waste of a text message!!
    Love HS xox

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