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How to Make a Nerdy Girl feel speacial

on April 21, 2012

So here is a how to on making a nerdy girl feel special for guys! If anyone has any insight on this as well please do comment about it!

I am a nerdy girl and this is how I would love to be treated by a guy. This doesn’t mean I would be all awww I love you but I would diffidently be all awww you are the nicest guy ever and I would so go on a date with you!

First on the list is a nerdy love song. Nerdy girls like nerdy things. It doesn’t have to be all expensive and materialistic for a nerdy chick. We nerdy chicks love the thoughtful things and if you are a good singer or play guitar or any other instrument try writting a nerdy love/like song. If you can’t, That’s ok. Just use one of these songs:

Or if your a girl singing to a guy:

Not that nerdy but it’s an amazing song!

I love both of these songs so much! They are adorable and so sweet.

If you want to be a bit more creative with songs but can’t write them you can make songs that girls have sung into a guy song to a girl.

Just change the lyrics up a little into a guy pokemon love song to a girl!

Change the lyrics up ! You can even just lip sing this to her! That would be so cute! Just remember to give her your number ; )



If you can’t sing at all, are too shy, or you just can’t stand music you, you could get her some pretty flowers or like a pretty white rose and write her a love/like note.



Another thing is to get her a video game she has been wanting to get but haven’t yet! itune cards are great too. Or some gaming gift card if she is a gamer. Anime dvd’s for anime lovers.


Some new awesome earbuds for her in her favorite color would also be such a nice gesture : ).


A Cute stuffed animal that is possibly her favorite animal would be so sweet!  (or a pokemon…)


A Picture of you and her in a photo frame would be so sweet.


Write a sweet note on her Facebook page about how you love her smile or mad gaming skills.


Talk about books that she likes to read and get her a book that is on her going to get list or a kindle gift card or nook gift card.


Ask her to go to an Anime convention with you, the library to chill out (ok not everyone likes tis but I do!!), or maybe a picnic?


I hope some of these are helpful to somebody! ; )






2 responses to “How to Make a Nerdy Girl feel speacial

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    This is one of the most well written posts I love it! 😄💰💰💰📮⚽📫🐨🛀🚽🚽

    Well Done! Bravo!

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