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on April 21, 2012



Am I becoming anti-social? I mean I like talking to people and hanging out and such but just more lately I don’t want to. Like I don’t want to go to the movies and what not really. My dad told me I need to go be more social but it’s like I’m just tired and want to be lazy and whatnot. I’m at home like I want to, but now I feel a bit lazy and want to get out but not be with people? Like I wouldn’t mind going to the library and reading, honestly. Or take a walk or something. Maybe I am becoming anti-social outside of school and school events. My friend Josh I think is mad at me because its like the 20th time I have said no to going to the movies with him. I haven’t said yes that much because I don’t want him feeling like it’s a date and he said we could invite some people but I just don’t want to. I sort of feel like going shopping but when I do I always spend more money then I want to! I should be cleaning my room and doing homework but that’s no fun! I feel like such a downer. Anybody else feel like this sometimes?



4 responses to “Anti-social?

  1. Tofubyu says:

    I think that it’s pretty normal to feel like that sometimes- you just want to rest and stay at home instead of going out and socializing.
    But there’s nothing wrong with it because it can get a bit tiring so by having some alone time, you can recharge. 😀
    It’s just a phase so I don’t think theres anything to be worried about…I feel like this sometimes too >_>

    • TearLily says:

      haha thank you! Well it’s sort of been like this for a while now but I mean last weekend I had a school thing all Saturday night and the weekend before and maybe a couple weekends before that I did go to a friend’s house so I can’t be that anti-social…well I mean I have been wanting to go on the computer more then hanging out with people though. lol

  2. lizfruitberry says:

    Yep, that’s when I drink a 5 hour energy!


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