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It’s Been Strange and Rainy

on April 20, 2012

It’s been a strange strange week. We’ve had these long standardized tests this week and it was long and boring. Things got back to normal on Wednesday with schedules but it felt like a Monday which is a terrible feeling in the middle of the week. It is Friday today but it feels like it’s Wednesday! What a mess.


It’s been raining outside a lot lately too which makes me feel a bit down. It’s not a pretty rain where it drizzles and creates rainbows. It’s a muggy rain that is just wet and hot! I think this also dampens my ability to think clearly. I can’t think of what to write on here but that could be because they made me take awful tests at 7:40 in the morning for two days straight.


I got surprise-hugged by my ex today and it was a nice surprise. He’s such a strange person. Last week he was super awkward towards me and this week he surprise-hugs me? Whatever…haha. He asked me to prom before, which is tomorrow, and I have been regretting saying no for the past couple weeks. I really would have liked to go now that I said no to him. Of course that’s how it always is isn’t it? You don’t want something until you can’t have it anymore.


I hope my mind recovers! Have a great weekend!




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