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Misguided Stereotype Carnival!!!

on April 17, 2012

Oh yeah, I brought out three exclamation marks! That just shows you how passionate I am about this subject. HAHA

I like to call people who are stereotypical or racist to us Asians, Asianists. I think it gives it a humorous twists and I mean it should really be taken more lightly. I think it’s funny how people perceive my races when it’s so not true. As long as it’s not like super rude! Then well that’s just rude. No humor in that.

In one of the clubs I’m in, NHS or National Honor Society, we are doing this teacher appreciation thing which I am worried that it won’t turn out to terribly well…it it themed with something to do with traveling around the world and so the teachers get a passport and then go to the different booths. I already have a feeling it might not turn out to terribly well. The leaders in NHS are asking for people to dress up and work booths of the countries but it’s like they don’t even know their countries! China has nobody working it and I would do it but I don’t have a Chinese outfit/dress. They are asking for somebody to wear a kimono…what the hay? I know it’s a very stereotypical thing but seriously folks I looked this up a long time ago and it said China and Japan didn’t or don’t like each other and China at some point might have worn kimonos but they stick to their own traditional outfit. Then they also want origami paper for China. WTH? They might as well change China to freaking Japan! Seriously! I am super insightful with that because my Older adoptive sister lived there for 3 years teaching in this exchange teacher program thing. She told me so much about Japan. The least they could do is make it Asia or something so anything can go!

Fun fact: Did you know that Japan secluded themselves from the world for about 300 years because they wanted to keep their country the same and away from all others so that nobody could effect their society and such? If anybody left Japan on a boat or something they couldn’t return or else they would get executed. America wanted to open trading with Japan so sent one of their high ranking Navy men and when him and his army of men went over to Japan he apparently let one of the Japanese push him around and not fight back because he didn’t want to make it a big situation then what it was. This made the leaders of Japan feel low of America because they feel like you have to always be strong and I guess sort of belittle people who are weaker then you. Eventually America sent over another high ranking man with a letter about opening trade and he brought many ships of men and made a huge huge thing of going to Japan. He had cannons shooting as he walked on Japan and Navy bands were playing. Japan opened trade with America and it was known as one of the most peaceful wars or something like that. Japan had also got a huge kick into technology and such after the trading thing started because since they were secluded for so long they hadn’t really modernized and such much. I learned this from ROTC or at least this is what I understand and retained from it.

Well no more passionate rages and history lessons being condensed.


P.S. I changed the title thanks to LizFruitBerry’s advice and due to spdk1’s creative mind! Thank you guys!

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6 responses to “Misguided Stereotype Carnival!!!

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    TearLily, loved the post as I am a true history nerd. You are correct they should get the facts straight before having the stereotypical crap involved. Tip: change your title, to something funny and you will get more hits. I thought this blog was going to be a racist blog based on the title alone. I knew you are not racist, so I read it anyhow! Great Post. You are super smart!

    • TearLily says:

      haha thank you! aww darn I didn’t realize it sounded so racist. What do you suggest I call it?
      Also when it comes to the teachers doing this around the world thing I don’t think they will much enjoy “going to mexico” and for people to be wearing ponchos and big hats. Or going to Ireland and seeing leprechauns!

  2. spdk1 says:

    ouch! this sounds more like a “misguided stereotype carnival” than what they are trying to do. I’m sad that it’s the teachers pushing this through as well!

    • TearLily says:

      HAHA I think the teacher that is our advisor for the club is more like being forced to do this for the student running this event. It’s really silly how they did it because come on be more realistic people. do what you can pull off! Not much can be done now because we have no time to change the theme and ideas and such. I like the “misguided sterotype carnival” thing! I think I might change my post title to that. I hope you don’t mind? Thank you so much

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