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Military Ball turned out great!

on April 15, 2012

Even with all the drama that was going around, military ball turned out to be pretty great! The announcements and going over who won the queen and king and such was way too lengthy but afterwards we had dinner and I was a complete clutz as usual which was embarrassing. We then got to start dancing. They had made us learn some dances to songs such as the wobble (how embarrassing), the Hustle, the mamba 5, the electric slide, and some Spanish songs. It was hilarious to see all of us doing the dances. So much fun! The only problem was that some people thought it was great and fun and such to grind and we aren’t suppose to do that at a military ball. Go to homecoming or prom or something if you want to do that. People sneak into the middle of the dance floor and grind. I honestly don’t care but when you start grinding your booty all over me, I’ve got a little problem with that. And it wasn’t just guys doing it to me. It was also a lot of girls. I wasn’t comfortable with the grinding trains because It makes me feel wrong. So maybe the motivational speeches from our commander about how we are better then the people who grind at homecoming and such got to me even though he was all perverted on me and other girls all year. Or the fact that I was in a pretty black dress that was super formal and didn’t feel all grindingness in it. Oh yeah my dress was super nice and I’ve been waiting to wear it for like a half a year because my sister got it for me at downtown Disney. It’s black and is only on one shoulder. I was wearing pretty earrings and a necklace and heels that I took off when we danced. I felt super girly which is fun once in a while. I’m the kind of girl that usually wears a t-shirt and skinny jeans (in my defense I don’t have a butt and so skinny jeans fit me better). I wear makeup and worry about my hair but my makeup looks natural usually and people always look surprised that I wear makeup. Which could be a bad or good thing.


But again about the grinding people. I felt a little butt-raped! This one girl who is a freshmen, Rhea, is always all over me! She is always hugging me and it’s kind of weird. Especially when your in the hall doing push ups and sit ups and she is hugging your leg and your wearing a dress because of a class assignment. Yes that really happened and the sad part is is that dramatic things like that happen to me almost everyday and it doesn’t hit me till later how strange it is. Perhaps she is Bi or Lesbian and I don’t really care if that’s the thing but just don’t do that to me because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Hugs are fine and stuff but not my legs please. Well she was like grinding all over my butt and tried doing that constantly and not only did it make me feel uncomfortable (Yes I backed up like 2 feet! and would’ve went further but there wasn’t enough room) but she was wearing a sequin dress and it hurt my skin. Ouch. My friends and I talked about the situation beforehand and was like as soon as Rhea smells me out in the crowd she will be all over me. She always wears skimpy things all the time but she is so skinny! I worry that she has anorexia.


Another guy that tried is a pervert! Leo…He and I sort of almost dated but he never asked to go out so I wasn’t going to ask him. He seemed way more interested then I did! He and I flirted a lot at a beach field trip for ROTC. We honestly got to run around all day and swim and whatnot. It was at a beautiful beach that had white sand and blue waters and the water was not too cold or too warm! It was awesome. We played chicken and whatnot and it was fun. They made me help build a tower of people and be at the top because I’m really short so I weigh less (But I gained weight lately and am happy because I feel less worried about being underweight now). I have no coordination so we all fell over and I was wearing a super cute bikini and the top almost came off! Leo was the only one who noticed and constantly tries to remind me. During last summer he called me on the phone and texted me and was trying to get really perverted and it made me feel uncomfortable. He has the memory of my top almost coming off seared in his brain and it’s kind of creepy. I didn’t talk to him for a while but now is talking to him again because he isn’t as perverted now and honestly he makes me laugh and stuff so why not if he behaves? Well he tried grinding on me when I danced with him (I switched around dancing with people) and I was like uh no and he was like why not. I said because I don’t want to and that should be the only answer needed. Nobody deserves to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.


This other guy Deleone, has a girlfriend there and he tried grinding all up on me. It was weird because I thought he didn’t like me so I didn’t talk to him in ROTC and it was just weird. He’s like super tall and black and has a huge butt! Goodness, I didn’t realize so many guys had big butts till last night while they were grinding.


This one other freshmen girl, Dominique was constantly trying to “drop it down low” and like honestly the main reason why I probably don’t grind and such is because I can’t really see myself doing it “well”. I know it’s stereotypical of me but I’m white and asian. I can’t grind or “drop it down low” and well Dominique can’t either and she constantly tried grinding too.


One super hilarious thing was this guy Slappey (that’s his last name) is super short and I am like 5’1 and 3/4 of an inch and he is probably 5’2 and so he is the perfect dance partner for me! So adorable because he’s short! He and I danced and I thought it was super fun but if I let him and didn’t put my arms on his shoulder he would’ve grinded me, along with every hormonal boy there! It was cute because a lot of people told me he has a crush on me and it could be true because he can be super mean but is always nice to me and teases me. Like he would come up from behind and cover my eyes. He’s like a little Marine which is cute : ) but I’m still not going to let him grind me. He asked me a couple times this past week if I was going with somebody to the dance but I said proabably Devon and he said he wasn’t going with anyone. awww poor Slappey.


I did get to dance with my crush a little though and It wasn’t really dirty which I was happy about but then he would grind other girls and it’s like girls really? Just don’t. Guys are doing it because it feels good to them and their hormones are sky high. Girls why do you do it?


So a lot of revelations last night but I am proud to say that I got some people to dance that didn’t want to because they’re shy, didn’t grind all up on people, and I got a lot of compliments and who doesn’t like compliments? I love to dance!




2 responses to “Military Ball turned out great!

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    Ok, wow! Sounds like you had a blast and like you may have a few people with crushes. Oh how I miss being so young. My teens and 20 s were a blast. Savor every moment! Glad you had fun! 😄your blogs remind me of my younger sister! 😜👯

    • TearLily says:

      awww crushes? haha well most of the crushes seem to be younger guys which is okay and all but I don’t like them back and I usually go for older guys. Especially the nerdy older guys. SO smart! Thank you!

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