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I’ve become evil with plans!

on April 12, 2012

So not to obsess over those freaking chips I talked about before but…Let’s just talk about it a little more. : D


Ok to set the record straight, I’m not mad because of this one occurrence of chip and having to buy the movie ticket incident with my cousin. It just set my scale over (again). It just seems like she does things like this a lot! She doesn’t take into consideration what she does to people and then complains about how mean everyone is to her. Gee I wonder why! Not.


This past chip incident (doesn’t it add a humorous sound to it!?) reminded me of a past incident where she was driving us around town for something like going to Petco and she went by Steak and Shake and she literally got herself something to eat (whole fudging meal and all) and didn’t ask me if I wanted anything or shared anything like fries with me. Jerk!!! Her mother is well mannered and asks me when I’m with her! What the heck happened to the “the apple doesn’t fall freaking far from the tree” phrase, huh?


Any who, you can see why I’m frustrated right? Well I’ve been thinking up some “evil” plans. (When reading evil on my post, please say it in a very evil way in your head! mwahahaha.) I was daydreaming about taking a bag of sour cream and onion chips and eating all the chips except for two and putting some poker chips in it, then resealing the bag and giving it to her! haha! I told my friend Josh about this and he was like,” That’s just mean…Your mean!” and I was saying that it was simply payback! and he asked if the poker chips were valuable ones and I said of course not! Because I’m being evil!


Plan 2 evil me is to…honestly I can’t remember! I asked my dad if he remembered but he said he didn’t which means he was only half listening to me! He now knows about my blog but doesn’t sound very interested in it honestly. Whatevs, pops. Anywho, I will probably think about these evil plans once more because it honestly makes me laugh at myself. It’s so much fun and makes any anger I have with my cousin go away quicker (until next time she doesn’t sure food!).


So in the end I don’t think I will be getting her any nice gifts for Christmas and such because she can be so rude. She did give me a build a bear dog that was a service dog type clothing thing for my birthday last august but I also gave her a super nice necklace from Seaworld for Christmas. I don’t expect her to get me something but if she was just more courteous and kind and maybe a little giving! I wouldn’t be so mad with her all the time.


Hope everyone is plotting some “evil” plans too!



8 responses to “I’ve become evil with plans!

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    CONGRATS! You won “the blog of the week award!” Please visit my site and comment and answer the questions! 🙂 Your blog is hilarious! Go to:

    http://awomeninherthirties.com/ to accept this award! 🙂 Happy Saturday.

  2. playfulpups says:

    Hilarious!! Good luck with your “plans”!! lol

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    • TearLily says:

      Hey Connie, are you referring to my posts about using herbs for stress and mild depression? Thank you so much! I’m sorry for my late reply. For some reason your comment was placed automatically in the spam folder and I didn’t realize this website does that! Please feel free to tell me any helpful herbs and such.


  4. Norman Hun says:

    Eventhough I’m not in agreement with almost everything that you’ve stated, it’s an interesting school of thought.

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