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This is so true

on April 7, 2012


So many people on Facebook and other things keep posting pictures of themselves in front of a mirror. That’s ok and such but when guys take their shirts off  and girls try to show off their bodies in a too revealing way then I mean, do I have to spell it out? It’s just really silly and wrong. Why do you want everyone to look at you and like your pic and ooohh and freaking ahhhh over you then be like I’m ugly and I’m whatever blahblahblah. Seriously modesty should be practiced sometimes. I mean, as a girl speaking, I feel that girls that are super young shouldn’t be wearing super revealing things. I wear shorts and tank tops and to me that’s no big but when an eleven year old or something wears something that shows half her butt I think that’s bad. One it gives people the wrong impression and another thing is there are a lot of bad people out there who like that and are very bad! Do we have to go over the fairytales that teach you not to talk to strangers? Stranger danger? Dressing a certain way can be talking to them without words. I have no problem with people dressing the way they want but when I see someone on my facebook that does that it gives me a bad impression. When guys do it, it’s like uh dude you dont have abs to show off and you have a frown on your face! (Turn that frown upside down!) When girls do it it’s like excuse me, would you please not show your whoohas on my page. Thanks.


I just think young people need to think before they do things. Those pictures are forever on the internet!




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