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People are selfish when it comes to food…

on April 7, 2012

Repeat the I will not be selfish when it comes to food oath with me, “Even when I am hungry I shall still offer food. (this does not include if we are in the hunger games) I will not be selfish and keep my snack from other hungry stomachs (which includes yummy sour cream and onion lay chips!). I shall share because I am the better person!”


Today at the movies, my cousin didn’t offer any of her chips to me. I bought her, her ticket to the movies! Granted she drove us there but it wasn’t even her car! It was our grandmother’s who wanted us to get it car washed so it’s not like she wasted her gas. I asked for some because they looked so delicious…she said only a little bit. : ( Really? So this is how far your family feelings go? good lord. I put up with her! I put up with her! and I put up with her! Give me yo dang chips, muffinfudger! You, you turd! lol overall it was fine, it was just that I had kit kats and so did she and kit kats didn’t fill me up because it was sweet and sugary. She has always been very irritating in the past and I have put up with her. She has gotten better but I mean my patience can only spread so far before it rips. *sigh* I’m sorry for my ranting but it’s just that I’ve tried being nice to her and she has always belittled me when I was younger and tried making me feel so small and immature compared to her oh awesomeness when (not to be mean) she hasn’t ever been popular with people due to her attitude. No one wants to be around someone so negative and full of self-adoration. Our grandmother is super I’m number one type of person and always goes on about well I did this and I did that in every freaking story! It’s about her opinion and her perspective. I love her to death but she is the reason my cousin is the way she is about her feeling of superiority over everyone when in all honesty everyone is equal. My cousin has always looked up to her mom and her grandmother. When it comes to there personality I feel that they probably wouldn’t ever be on my list of role models but when it comes to being strong women they are pretty strong. I love them all but at this time in my life I can’t put up with such attitudes for too long before I feel like I’m trapped in a corner with them going on and on.


Ok now I feel bad about putting them down a lot. I do appreciate them. They have all been there at some point when I have cried and been down. My cousin has gone through her parents having an awful divorce and that forced her to grow up quickly but that doesn’t give anyone a right to belittle someone else but it explains why. She could be jealous of being able to feel free like a kid gets too. My Aunt went through the divorce and had to work a lot and didn’t have a lot of time for my cousin. She was really worried about getting her older sons into college. Who by the way turned out as great people in this world. My grandmother has done a lot to help me out. She is there for me and my dad 110%. We love her even if she is pushy with her views on politics and such. She is old now so we just have to remind ourselves that when it comes to keeping our patience. : )




4 responses to “People are selfish when it comes to food…

  1. Hi there! Got your blog address from Lizberry and she’s right, you’re hilarious, But you’re also sweet and good hearted and I like what you have to say…you made me laugh, and think. 🙂

  2. Very good article. I am at the moment going through a few of these matters too.

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