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Bush of carrots

on April 7, 2012

My cousin and I went to the store to get my baby cousin, her baby niece, a pink walker. There is a humongo crowd of people doing there last minute Easter shopping! We later were talking about how kids shouldn’t be getting chocolate for Easter! The Easter bunny eats carrots and veggies! Chocolate is bad for him. She said, ” I would be happy if my husband brought home a bushel of carrots for our kids for Easter!” What I got from this was that she said a bush of carrots. There’s a carrot bush? I thought carrots grew from the ground! I have been so mislead throughout my childhood! It also never helps that I am always listening to my ipod in one ear…contraptions that make kids mishear!


Which reminds me! Last night, my cousin took me to Downtown Disney and she wouldn’t let me ride the carousal. What the hay man? She said I am not a kid anymore. Way to shorten my childhood! I love carousals! They are gorgeous and so much fun! It can make anyone feel like a kid again. And for me, Teenager is such an overused word. It’s the bridge from childhood to adulthood so if I want to be a kid then so be it! I wont ever get that chance again. So enjoy these pictures of carousals (although this thing started out about Easter and carrots….).




My Favorite carousal of all time is the one at Dr.Seuss land at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando!



Carousel I wanted to ride last night : (



What It looked like at night.



The one at Seaworld that yet again my cousin wouldn’t let me ride…


2 responses to “Bush of carrots

  1. lizfruitberry says:

    Love the photos – too cool! This post is so colorful! You are always positve!

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you so much for being so encouraging to me! You give me that extra push of wanting to come on here everyday to write some more! Thank you Liz! D.

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