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Madness is spreading

on April 5, 2012

So I am watching this anime called Soul Eater and well if you’ve never seen this anime before I just won’t confuse you. haha If your interested this anime is in English : ) Well right now where I am in the anime is that this crazy witch lady released this crazy demon man and he spreads these wavelengths that cause everyone to become sensitive to their madness that’s inside of them. If everyone has a different madness inside of them then what do you have? What do I have? I think the madness has spread to my head because today i was thinking that I should make a website caled the “fish abductee support group” due to the poor fish that get abducted and then released into the water again! Yeah…I thought it was a crazy idea too but I blame it on the anime.


Also just now I was talking in between writing this post and it was hilarious! Another strange nighttime conversation but this time with madness spreading. My dad was telling me he got this group on for the Fun Spot big swing coaster thing that is 300 feet up in the air and so now we apparently are going on that. I am a huge adrenaline junkie but that will make me really nervous! I was saying how I had never been on a roller coaster that high before and then I said well the only time I was higher then that and then I cracked up laughing. Folks, I swear that I don’t do anything illegal and that I’m a good little girl in school. And so for 5 minutes I poked fun at that…It’s been a long week of midterms. Excuse my brain.




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