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Some Disturbing Videos Out There

on April 4, 2012

There are some disturbing but also in a way is interesting to me…Why? I have absolutely no idea!

So I was looking up the song that never ends because I have never heard it before and this is what I found! How disturbing! But at the same time its so cute!

Just watch this video and I promise you that life will never look the same again…Seriously people! Japan can make things even scarier then the imagination… (By the way I have been getting into Jpop and Kpop so thats why I saw this video! (Jpop= Japanese pop, kpop= Korean pop) This song is actually super cute though and so is the dance….

Okay this one is the same girl that sings on the previous video and this video is actually wayyyy less weird and creepy but then the end comes and I’m like well there goes my childhood of make believing that people in animal suits are kind souls. At the end her bow is humungo! and In the beginning they come out of a book! WTH??

Well this coming up one isn’t that weird well I mean it is but its funny and not that mentally disturbing lol. It’s funny. I love the Production group!

Whats not disturbing with nyan cat? I mean it’s a toaster strudel with a cat head and legs and tail…But it’s so cute! This is a funny video!

This was cute and funny and a little disturbing because it had that strange forever alone dude in it.


This video is disturbing mostly because of the onesie thats in it but I still love kevjumba!


This is cute and its 10 seconds of your time!

Okay so I won’t overload everyone with videos! I hope you got a good laugh : )



3 responses to “Some Disturbing Videos Out There

  1. Tofubyu says:

    Omg -_- The song that doesn’t endddd, yes it goes on and on my friend…
    I had it stuck in my head for an entire week once T_T
    If you’re getting into kpop though, I MUST INTRODUCE YOU TO BIG BANG O:
    They’re my favourite korean band and I love love them! They aren’t dependent on their looks at all ( even though they do look good <3) like other kpop groups~

    ^That's one of my favourite songs fromt hem

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