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Sick as a dog.

on April 2, 2012

I am sick as a dog! Where does that phrase even come from? I mean seriously, what’s wrong with dogs?

I was looking that up and found a cool little explanation. Apparently it’s because dogs eat just about anything and so people are saying that “sick as a dog” because if you were to eat anything like a dog you would be sick or something? Well it’s a short description but check it out!

Sick as a dog!

But no seriously, my throat hurts and my nose is either sniffley or dry or feels weird! I’ve had to blow my nose so many times that it feels like maybe my nose will just rub off! Not all of my classes has tissues so I am stuck with napkins or toilet paper. It feels like I’ve used up to a mountain’s worth of tissues! I still have to go to school though because I have midterms this week. My school is on a 4 block schedule if any of you guys are wondering why my midterms are like they are. ugh.

Well there’s my rant on being sick!



2 responses to “Sick as a dog.

  1. wildnightin says:

    Argh! You have a lot to do. Maybe have a day off and revise in bed if you can and you’ll be better the day after?

    Sick as a dog sounds cool. Where I’m from we say ‘sick as a parrot’ which is equally bizarre come to think of it.

    I hope you get better soon.

    • TearLily says:

      Haha I love the sick as a parrot! That really is great! Maybe I will start to use it. And thank you! I was thinking about just getting all of my work today but that won’t work for ROTC because it’s on this clicker thing so I have to go to school for at least that class which is in the morning so might as well stay in school. : (

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