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Interesting past three weeks

on April 1, 2012

My past three weeks have been quite interesting. Three weeks ago I had to do this ROTC thing called the “Pass and review” where your whole company is in uniform and our region 7 commander comes to your school and your officers entertain him, he inspects everyone, then he inspects everyone marching as a battalion. All in all for the normal cadets it lasts about over an hour and is long, tiring and well tiring. Parents can come and watch but usually they don’t watch the inspection of every cadet because that’s boring as crap, (which doesn’t make since by the way but I’m a teenager so nobody pays much attention because I’m suppose to not make sense and be awkward). My dad came and watched the actual marching of the whole battalion. We didn’t do that great with the marching this time but it is what it is. Our own commander who is one of two of our instructors hurt his back and couldn’t come but it seemed all too much of a coincidence! Our instructor has been quite creepy to all the girls! I have felt he was too touchy at times. At one time we had to wear uniform jackets and he wanted me to come up in front of the company since I was in the first squad and he showed everyone in the company how to “tuck in their jackets correctly”. He stood behind me and tucked my jacket in while explaining to everyone. This was simply just not right for an old man to be doing to a teenage girl. He could’ve explained on the side and had me show how to tuck in the jacket but he should not have done it himself! But he didn’t. I told one of the officers and he told me he and the battalion C.O. who is a girl was going to go to the principle or adviser and tell them. They did that week and this was like in November or December because that’s when it actually gets cold enough to wear the jackets here in Florida. Everything is fine and over now but I got called out during his class and asked about the situation along with some other girls. The instructor hadn’t done it just to me but to some freshmen girls that are super sweet and pretty. It was so wrong because he did it to me, an upperclassmen to a freshmen, then them which put the impression that it was perfectly fine. The officers in my company were like what the heck. So all this in mind, he is in trouble and had been under investigation. He has favoritism, is creepy towards girls, and is just wrong….but I don’t know if we’d get a better instructor or not if he gets fired and I don’t think he has done anything too terribly bad that means he should be fired?

We had spring break after the ROTC pass and review. I got to go to my twin friend’s house, who can say that? I hung out with family. Went to see the Hunger Games. Got asked out by my ex who is now a senior but I said no because that would be just awkward to me because he wanted to call it a date like a date date lol. Not just a fun friendly thing. Then I also got asked to Military Ball by a guy who I have had issues with in the past but to me he is just a flirt buddy and will always be that way. I don’t want to cause any drama by going with him plus he was an idiot and said oh I asked Claire before you but she said she couldn’t come. And that’s why you’ve been single dear. haha I also got to read some books. That was my spring break basically.

Then since this past Thursday till today, Sunday, I have been at the HOSA states competition for Florida. Which was extremely tiring. My competition was extemporaneous Speaking which is when they give you a topic and you have 10 minutes to prepare a 5 minute or less speech. It would either be about HOSA or current medical issues. I was so nervous at my event that I only spoke for one minute. Next year I plan to do something much different, something less stressful! I had a lot of fun besides the fact that I got really sick (like a cold sick), we had to wear business attire a lot for meetings and events and getting little sleep. It really was fun. I met a lot of people from all over Florida. It was a 3 hour bus trip there and back. Our hotel got switched from the Hyatt n Jacksonville to the Wyndhym which was just awful. It had a nice lobby but the rooms were crappy and my roommates and I had to move rooms because our key wouldn’t work and our air conditioner broke. It was not a good experience for that hotel!

That was the basics of my past three weeks!



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