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Strangest night time conversation

on March 23, 2012

Night time creates such strange conversations between people. I blame it on the moon and the tides and the force and the lack of sun. Or people just get tired and say the strangest things since they don’t feel so full of energy and so they don’t worry what people think as much? No that can’t be. People are always about what others think. It’s everybody’s flaw. No one is perfect and if they are then they have at least that one flaw which is they care about what other people think and the people who honestly don’t care what people think sometimes need to in certain cases…If that makes sense?

My strange encounter with night time conversation tonight:

Over Texts (which usually causes more to come out then what people really want others to know and its save-able and share-able…hehe):

“Sigh..b4 u zack and other ex, i didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone, now I really want one…what the hell happened to me : (”

(my ex boyfriend. Turns out he is bi and honestly i think he really is. It’s that or he is confused and is straight and I am hoping the second one because well I dated him and if he turned out to be gay I would kind of be like oh i see what it is. It’s me isn’t it but wait I’m not the last girl who dated him so it couldn’t have been me who turned him right? But then again he told me I really hurt his heart so maybe it was me but I doubt it. Hearts in high school are made out of rubber. bounce right back up to happiness! Well at least if you have the mentality to not let break-ups hurt you!)

“haha you my dear have not heard of this one quote. don’t judge me kay? just listen or read or whatever. ‘no one dies a virgin, life fudges all of us’ orrr ‘no one dies a virgin, life screws us all’ ”


“I love that quote!!!”

(says the guy who is like always mopey and depressed over something…)

“strange reaction but ok i’ll take it”


“Well it was funny!”


“haha well im so posting your response to that on my blog. like ur all depressed about relationships and then ur like oh i love that quote (which is depressing) x D awesome”


“lol..ttyl going to bed”




So I just wrote that post up and am wondering hmm what did I find amusing about this conversation before? Well it was amusing when it was going on untill he abruptly stopped conversation with his going to bed at a decent hour! I mean, who does that? : ) Well I shall share a night photo that I found randomly and go off to bed.

Good night world or whoever might be reading this or not reading this? Not everybody reads this and I’ve got the comment and hit stats to prove that : / kinda sad but it does give me a fulfilled feeling when I post things which is good,right.


P.S. So if I keep asking questions and no one reads this does that mean I am talking to myself? huh a new understanding about life now.

This is amazing!

If what I said was correct and people worry less about what others think at night then isn’t a night time wedding just perfect?! I just found this pick and was like oohing and ahhing over how beautiful a night full of lanterns are… well until the morning when lanterns are everywhere….do they clean that up? I hope so but any who as a bride I could say I want environmental friendly lanterns and candles and whatnot used!


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