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Good Day Everyone!

on March 23, 2012

I want to say good morning but it’s not really morning where I am. It’s almost Afternoon! I don’t like sleeping in so late but hey it’s my Spring Break. : ) Which is almost over. Dang. Well that’s ok! My coming up week is going to be so exciting I hope! My plans this weekend is that tomorrow (Saturday), I will be going to my twin friend’s house to sleepover and watch anime all day and maybe night! Then on Sunday I plan to go to the movies with my dad because I don’t see him often and he is off that day and I want to go see “The Hunger Games” and he plans to take me to Olive Garden!  Whoot whoot! I love Olive Garden. (It’s an Italian styled restaurant with delicious bread, salads, and pastas! I almost always get the Spaghetti with Meat sauce.) Then I have to go back to school Monday. Boo…But This Thursday i only go to half of my classes and then I go onto a charter bus with my HOSA club members and we head off to Jacksonville Florida! We have States this weekend! It’s going to be 3 days long but we go for 4 days and 3 nights!


HOSA is short for Health Occupant Students of America! We go to competitions about the medical field. It’s a club specifically for health science students only.


A while back my school and I went to Regionals, around here in Orlando, and I met some cool people! What we do at this things is that we met up at an area and then listen to announcements and then we go to our assigned room for our competition at whatever time that is assigned and wait. My competition was extemporaneousness speaking. Crazy long title! It’s when the judges give me a topic and I have 10 minutes to make a speech. Then I have to give a speech within 5 minutes. It’s nerve wracking! This was my first time doing anything like it! I had only 3 other competitors in my category so it wasn’t that bad. The top three go to states. I met a guy that was competing against me and he was a pretty cool guy! He must be the tallest Asian ever! He brought his guitar and played songs for us and sang and was really good. We refer to him as Guitar Guy in my club now. He did ask me to go to the movies with him a couple times. I saw him at Megacon as well about a month after Regionals ,(Megacon is one of the bigger conventions in Florida. I think Metrocon is the biggest and I’ve gotten to go to both! I feel so lucky!) and he asked me then too but he never called or texted me so a lesson for any boys or men reading this! Follow through with your plans please. If I say yes to going with you and I’ve tried texting you first a couple times and you never try to follow through with making plans to do something then I’m not going to try anymore. If I asked you first it would be different dear but you didn’t.


Well anyway, in the end I got 2nd place and guitar guy got 4th so he probably won’t be going to states unless they have extra room for him to go. We have about only 4 people who didn’t make it to States in my club which is really  good! Almost everyone placed top three! We had about 3 extra tickets for those that don’t make it to states and then one of the girls who didn’t make it automatically go because she is an officer in the club. That’s what I understood anyway of what they were saying. I hope everyone goes though!


So I won’t be getting back to my school till Sunday at some time and then back to school the next day. And that Monday I get back to school, my sorta crush since such  a long time ago (haha) has sent me an invite on facebook to something that day. Get this, it’s an invite to “Adventure time season 4 premiere!!” at his house…to watch adventure time…which is a show that is on cartoon network…And to think I thought he was super mature! haha although some people have told me this mega super crush I have is pretty crazy and has a lot of fun, It’s just I have only seen a little slice of it. So I don’t know. I don’t know what to think about this invite. I don’t know if I will be going. I don’t know anything when it comes to this…I have only seen this show like once? and I mean it is funny but its also super stupid.


Also half the people…no actually most of the people I don’t really know nor really like…So I don’t know what to do. We will see.


To be continued! lol bum bum bum




2 responses to “Good Day Everyone!

  1. Hiya: thanks for getting time of composing up this material. I usually try to additionally my comprehension of stuff. Whether or not I agree or disagree, I like facts. I take into account the previous days if the only source of advice was the library or the newspaper. They both equally appear so old fashion. : )

    • TearLily says:

      Thank you so much! : D I’m sorry this reply is so late! Your comment got placed in the spam folder for some reason and I didn’t see it till now. Thank you for taking time to comment!


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