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Feeding Catfish Catfood

on March 22, 2012

This past week my dad and I have been feeding the fish in our backyard cat food. In our backyard is a lagoon that comes off of a spring fed Lake. It’s very peaceful. Well apparently if you feed the fish at a certain time everyday in a lake or pond they it will make it a habit and so you can fish easier and catch more fish at that time. There are a bunch of little fish that are adorable but now there are this humungo catfish that appeared! It was really cool! There’s this small 3-4 feet alligator that kept swimming over by our area but would swim away quickly if we moved or said anything loud. Today I went out and fed the fish at the regular time and they came up immediately and are just neat to watch. The catfish are so huge! There’s at least 6 of them out there that are huge and who knows how many smaller ones! Well today was my first time feeding the fish alone and the gator came right up under neath the dock within 5 minutes! It was neat to watch a wild practically baby gator swim. They use their tail when they swim and it’s the coolest thing! I had no idea that it would come right up and the funniest thing was that the catfish would scare him off! He later tried to come up and tried eating the cat food. The gator who is 3-4 feet tried eating tiny dry cat food. Kinda weird…just saying. So now I am worried that the Gator might get in the habit of either trying to eat the fish over there when we feed them or try to eat cat food still. That’s just not right about the cat food and gator. Well seen we are going to get real fish feed that your suppose to feed them although the cat food was high quality! It was Purina! I think I will check around about the gator and if we should stop feeding the fish completely. It’s been less then a week so it’s easier to stop now then later with the fish and their habit of coming over there. And the gator.


Oh and here are some photos that look neat and some that worry me. I was going to put a cute gator photo to show that in my heart that the gator looks sweet for now…well if you don’t mess with him. Admiration from a far.

This I will not attempt!

It doesn't mater how cute you look on the gators deary....It's still not safe.

Look you guys it's an endangered Chinese alligator!

This is the most disturbing Gator I've ever seen! (I'm an Alabama fan when it comes to college football! and to think, my friend is graduating from highschool soon and is going "there". lol it's actually a good school. I went and did a Science lab there with my AP biology class last year.)

Thing are looking better now since Crimson tide is here now! ROLL TIDE! Yay Alabama! dadada


3 responses to “Feeding Catfish Catfood

  1. Awesome photos! Very cool!

  2. I love to fish, so ths is very interesting to me! I would definitely post this blog on the showcase with a catchy title, everyone would love this post!

  3. TearLily says:

    Haha Thank you so much! I will change the title? : )

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