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Today was interesting at the Library

on March 21, 2012

Who knew interesting things could happen at the library? I typed this up for a forum thingy and decided I would copy and paste to put onto a post for my blog:

“Today I went to the Library and had to ask this cutie nerd behind the counter about a book and I swear it was one of the most ackward moments of my life and probably his too but yet he seemed to like me and I kinda liked him too. Ackward nerd love I guess. And the person who came with me walked away so i could “Try to get one of the cute boys to help me find the book” and she practically winked at me. I feel so ackward thinking about the person who came with me inferring that I could get the guy to help me because I’m cute but I didn’t feel cute at all. I felt ackward. Now im in the middle of confused feeling of either blushing or laughing!! SO Ackward and embarrassing.”

So now that everyone is either confused or laughing or thinking well that was a waste of my time. Oh well…



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