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I Wish I had a twin!!

on March 20, 2012
Hikaru and Kaoru Twins from Ouran Highschool Hostclub!

Is it Silly to be in love with Twins from an anime?? I don't careee....*swoon*

Has anyone ever imagined having a twin before? If I had a twin I don’t know if that person would be a boy or a girl. I Think Iif it was a boy I would hope he would be a really cool brother who is prob a few minutes older then me and would protect me! I would hope he would be smart and well spoken and all the girls would be in love with him from school : ). And if it were a girl then she would be really cool and stand up for me! She would love to do my hair because I hate having to do much with my hair because I’m lazy but I like having my hair straightened and such! Well I think it would also be terrible to have a twin because you would never really have room between family if you have someone who is like always there (i’m an only child basically because I don’t live with any of my siblings). So that’s my thoughts on twins. Please comment if you have any twin wise thoughts!



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