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Facebook worries me sometimes…

on March 20, 2012

Some people on Facebook just plain old worry me! Seriously, where has our world gone too? People posting pictures of themselves half naked (in cases of boys) or skimpy (in cases of girls) in front of mirrors. Yes sweetheart, that is classy.  You will not catch me posting pictures of myself in front of a mirror on Facebook ever! That’s kinda creepy people spend so much time in front of a mirror with a camera. Ok sometimes I do get bored and play with eye makeup in front of the mirror but please don’t judge me. I’m asian-mixed so i would have to say I have perfect eyelids to put eye make-up on! *Thumbs up* So anywho, people go all nuts on all these silly games on Facebook! I try a few game thingies here and there but come on folks, They bore me to tears after a day! I have to play 5 games at once to not get bored but in the end I still get bored…I get so many requests for games and I’m like where’s the stop sending me requests button? Then people do those answer questions about people on there and there’s at least 25 million types of those things and you never know what they say about you because they don’t tell you unless you answer questions about people like 200 times! So the cycle of not knowing always continues unless you give them money. Then there is people who write posts like “Should I ask her or should I not?” or “I thought we were best friends but you guys always leave me out.” What the Thermite Reaction folks? (I just learned that a Thermite Reaction is a really hot reaction when powdered rust and powdered rust is set off and even gets so hot to create melted iron…I was trying to go along with hot and nevermind…) And it’s just silly to put your problems out about a certain person publicly like that! If you got a problem with someone you best get your butt in motion and go tell them yourself! And lastly the people who put pictures of themselves up and say I’m so ugly or make comments about themselves trying to hint to comment and like. I don’t want to be mean, I really don’t but I think there should be a dislike button. Seriously! There should be! If they had a dislike button self-centeredness (I know it isn’t a word so put it in the urban dictionary why don’t you lol) would not be so frequent unless somebody always put good things on there and then gets a big head but then they get self-centered but that’s besides the point!

So I think my point about Facebook has been made or you were too bored to read the whole thing or you are very confused and I would like to say it wouldn’t be a first time I confused somebody and well I’m sorry. : D

To Conclude this post I would like to say that i do not go on facebook often and when I do it’s usually to answer messeges and put pictures up of places I went so I don’t lose them in case something happens to my computer (yeah I’m filled with excuses…) and that’s really about it.



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