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Really Batman? Drive Thru??

on December 23, 2011

Ok, so I am watching “Batman Forever” on Syfy right now. Just wow on how cheesey some lines are! Don’t get me wrong, I love my superheros but they crack me up. The Butler in the beginning is like “Can I get you to bring a sandwich with you” or something to that effect after Batman just got all suited up and about to go in his fancy bat mobile. Batman is like “No I’ll go though the drive thru.”  At this point I am just like what the fudgeballs. Seriously! Was he planning on just going through a McDonalds with his bat mobile. “Yes I would like the #6 combo and make it larges.” Then what? Pay in cash or what if he decided to use a credit card? The casshier would either facebook and twitter batman’s real name or be like dude you have a great costume!

I think maybe I overthought one simple line but I dont think the writter and director of the movie thought about it well enough!



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