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What is with people lately?

on December 22, 2011

(This is just me letting out my fustration of this past week…Skip this post if you don’t like anger things)

I think I am just a bad luck charm or something. Today I texted someone about an incident that happened last friday. Today is Thursday. I just said I wanted to know if everything was ok between the two of us because my friend craig on Friday afterscool was standing by this girl I don’t really like so I didn’t go stand with him but I was pretty sure I was in sight of him and I thought he looked at me a couple times. I walked off to go to the restroom and came back and the girl was gone and I know she did notice I was there when I was over by them. Craig was with my other friend Leo and they both were like Hi and whatnot and I told Craig I was annoyed with him because he completely ignored me and he said he didnt ignore me but for some reason I didnt really believe him. it just didnt seemreal to me for some reason and he left soon after because his ride got there. He texts me back a three paged text messege about how he was hurt and i treated him so bad and that i owed him an apology because his whole afternoon was ruined. What the hell? I told him I was annoyed by him and didn’t really talk to him. Wow. I know I’m dramatic but after 10 minutes I would have forgotten an incident like that.

My “Friend” Josh starts causing me a bunch of drama because he likes me but seriously I do not like him at all more then a friend. It’s weird talking to him at times because he is ackward. He annoys me at times. He told me he liked me and keeps trying to get me to hangout with him and well guess what I dont want to. Ive been as nice as possible with him but I like other guys. Especially this guy Juan. He knows that and keeps talking trash about Juan and says Juan is immature and I should go with somebody more mature. He always takes the time to say how he dual enrolls (so he puts it as going to college) and more BS I don’t care about. A few weeks back he talked behind my back with this girl I don’t talk to anymore because they were annoyed with how I am “going out” with Juan. (I do not think I am going out with him but he does hold my books and walks me to class. I consider it very close friends…but according to everyone else we are going out. WTH?) They were saying to each other how i need to go out with a guy who is better for me. PEOPLE! We are in High school! I’m not going to get married anytime soon thank you! and they were doing this in front of me on text messeges. -__- and I’m the immature one? I admit I am immature at times and weird but I dont delibrately try to hurt people. Well besides that incident, which by the way made me not want to talk to him for a while and he kept texting and calling me constantly, we became ok friends again. Last Friday in ROTC (Navy based leadership program), we had this thing we call Drill down. Drill down is where all three of the ROTC classes (which we call companys) take a day off from school with a field trip type of thing to compete against one another. Juan is in my ROTC company and we were hanging on each other all day because guess what I can! Josh got upset by this because he felt like I completely ditched him. Everytime I left him that day he was with our friend Nick or somebody else in our company. After I told him that he said he still felt alone. Is that always my problem? grief people It’s like I’m suppose to be cut in a thoughsand peices so everyone will be able to share me so everybody but me is happy. Why can’t I hang out with who I want to??! So anywho this annoyed me so very much and then he kept saying it this whole winter break so far that he isnt angry but is disappointed in me. What is he to me? My father?? and then last night he was sent me a 6 paged text messege about how the reason I am annoyed with him is because he said he was mad at me and that it wasn’t because of my “lovefest” with juan and blah blah blah about how I need to get over myself about this because basically its my fault and he wont text me till sunday to say merry christmas. I said he is so immature and upset because I dont like him. He of course (even though he said he wouldnt) texted me again and said no he wasnt immature.

Sorry but  that was just me typing everything out. I think I’m going to move out to the boonies and change my name and my numbers and everything. Do online high school for everything and live the rest of my days in solitude. Lovely life….



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