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Am I shopaholic?

on December 22, 2011

I think Im a shopaholic…

I’m adopted and now since maybe the past year have been getting money every month from my biological mother. Also a couple weekends ago my biological father randomly came to visit me and gave me new years money. So of course this always making me feel rich makes me want to buy things. I went to Seaworld this past weekend and was like in shopaholic heaven. I went to target (which is something I need to make a post about because Target during the holidays is amazing), and I went elf crazy for this party thing when I was Santa’s helper. And my most favorite things to go and get is of course food…I just love food so much. It’s a good thing I’m mostly asian so my metabolism is great.  And just since the summer I have been just loving shopping for clothes! Whish reminds me, i need to go clean out my closet to donate clothes I don’t use anymore to make more room for things I do use. And plus this shopping all the time isn’t just for me. I went super christmas shopping and have been birthday shopping these past few months. Someone should probably give me a shopping intervention…

Enjoy your day and buy something little for yourself like maybe a candy bar today,



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