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Disney almost gave me a concussion yesterday!

on December 20, 2011

OMG! So yesterday my family and I went to Disney. I use to go a lot when I was much younger because my uncle works there so gets three people in per day for free. It’s an amazing place for the most part. A bit pricey though…but cool. I still love it! I love Eeyore and yesterday there was a store in Epcot that was full of Eeyore syuff animals…unfortunately that didnt make up the whole store but I wished it did. But anywho! To the main issue here! Yesterday I was walking down these stairs over in the Land where Soarin is (pretty cool simulating ride) and I slipped and fell down the stairs. Lots of gaps from older people and I had a sore butt, hit head, and scrapes on my elbows. I went to the happiest place on Earth where dreams are suppose to come true and almost get a concussion…Is it because I’m a clutz or is this a sign!?




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