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To Begin…

on December 15, 2011

Well how do you begin a blog?

Do you talk about yourself and your life or do you say what your going to write about and then start? Who even has a clue?

So here goes nothing. I’m writting about my opinion and what I see in the world from my point of view. I feel like no two people are the same but we all do share the same set of emotions and when your emotions are expressed it just means your obviously alive. People irritate me! Theres no getting away from that fact and the best thing I feel like I can do is talk about it and let it out. Who cares if people are reading about them? It’s not like anyone reading this knows who the hebawackas they are anywho. ( Are you alowed to even curse on blogs? I guess I just won’t to be on the safe side…)

So anywho we will see what I write because I don’t even have a clue yet. Plus by the way I suppose I can be a bit dramatic and a worry wort so will probably write my chaotic confusing life!

Just a quick overview of me! I am in NJROTC in High school (Which is a navy based leadership program), not a freshmen but also not a senior. I am in NHS (National Honor Society) starting this year for grades and community service and whatnot. In Hosa (Health Occupants Students of America), club that is only for Health Science students and its for competitions on health related things. Thats really about it…I tried to be in the thespian club last year but its really lame at my school (aka drama department).

Enjoy Life,



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